Environmental Science

What will I study?

You will explore the key challenges facing our planet and how the environment supports us, how we threaten these support systems and strategies for a more sustainable lifestyle. Studying wildlife conservation, resource management, energy use, pollution and food production you will develop in-depth understanding of the problems… and the solutions. The new specification covers many aspects of the world around us, including conservation methods, land use conflict, global climate change, pollution, energy resources, sustainable biological resources, evolution, biotechnology and ecosystems and population dynamics – it’s a really good range of topics so that everyone will find areas that interest them! It is also very contextualised to relate it to how the world works around you.


Is this course right for me?

This subject is for you if you: have a real interest in the environment and its sustainable management; enjoy science and want to apply your understanding in real-world contexts; want to develop your skills in researching and evaluating information and analysing data; like debate and problem solving. You are most likely to succeed if you are a self-motivated independent learner. Lessons are interactive and build upon independent study. You should be willing to participate in topical discussions and debates, be able to structure well-balanced arguments in essay-style questions and use data from different sources to analyse results.