School Uniform

It is very important to feel smart. We expect our students to be smart, proud and confident. This means that they should be dressed in the correct uniform, worn in the correct way.

Our Key Stage 3 and 4 students should wear uniform outlined on this page.

Uniform can be purchased from the following locations:

Jules at Home (In Roade, Northamptonshire)  – 01604 862019

or visit Jules At Home

Non-branded items can be purchased more widely at other retailers.

Years 7-11
  • School blazer with embroidered pocket logo
  • Trousers and Skirts- Trousers may be woven fabric, have a waistband and fly, tapered or straight and not be skin tight. Skirts must be pleated and knee length. Opaque black tights may be worn.
  • Denims, leggings/jeggings or cords are 
not acceptable
  • Trousers should not have studs or zip embellishment
  • Plain white shirt
  • Buttoned collar to the neck
  • Black school tie with EWS logo
  • Black socks (no frills)
  • Black school shoes
  • No canvas, leisure or trainer shoes, no logos or heels – including leather trainers and converse
  • Outside coat or plain jacket
  • No hoodies or cropped jumpers
  • Black V-neck knitted jumper (optional), only to be worn under blazer
  • Students may wear one pair of earrings (either studs or very small hoops). No other visible piercings are allowed (eg. nose, lip, eyebrow, tongue etc.)
  • Nails are to be no longer than the tip of the finger and only neutral coloured varnish is allowed
  • School bag suitable for carrying text books and equipment
  • Pencil case

It is very important to feel smart in order to work smart. Wearing the correct uniform is an important part of the school day. Please note that some major retailers may sell items in their school sections, that are not part of the uniform at EWS. 

Hoodies/ hooded tops are not part of the school uniform and should not be worn in school. It will not be acceptable to wear “Jeans style” trouser.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding the correct clothes to purchase, the school will happily advise.

Physical Education Kit

EWS PE Kit 2022/23

How the uniform is worn
  • Shirts properly tucked in
  • No bare midriff on show
  • Shirt collars buttoned up to the neck
  • Tie the right way round and properly knotted
  • Trousers should not be rolled up unnecessarily
  • Natural looking make-up only, including nail varnish
  • Nail length to be in line with finger tips.
  • No extreme nail colours or designs.
  • Natural colour hair, no un-natural colours or extreme styles, including shaved patterns or lines
  • Jewellery should be limited to two small earrings (one in each ear only) and one band watch
  • No ankle bracelets
  • Ear piercings only (one each ear as stated above) – no facial piercings
  • V-Neck jumpers only – no round necks
  • Religious headwear is permitted, however it must be black.

The Sixth Form dress code is ‘office smart’

Smart, formal trousers or a skirt of a modest length

No jeans, tracksuit bottoms, etc

Skirts should be no more than a couple of inches above the knee


A smart top e.g. shirt or blouse

Not sleeveless, strapless, ‘strappy’ or low cut. 

Shoulders and midriffs should be covered

T-Shirts are not permitted

Smart shoes

No trainers, canvas shoes or huge heels

Clothes need to be worn smartly

Earrings are acceptable as long as they are fairly discrete

Jewellery in moderation, remember, the aim is still to look smart. One nose stud is permitted, no other facial piercings

Sixth Form ID badges should be worn at all times.

It will not be acceptable to wear clothes that are not ‘office smart’. For example:

Clothing with large logos or branding





Canvas shoes