Catch Up Funding

Covid 19 Catch up premium 2020/21

What is Covid-19-Catch up premium?

Covid-19 Catch Up Premium is a source of funding from the government to support the missed learning of all students following the school closures. Schools will be allocated £80 per student to enable schools to minimise the impact on education following the school closures.

Allocated funding

The Covid-19 Catch Up Premium funding we received: £77k

Actual Spend 2020 – 2021

There are a number of interventions that we implemented using the funding received. The table below provides details of each intervention.




Baseline testing of all students in order to identify gaps in learning and ensure the provision of an effective a catch-up curriculum 


Assessment data demonstrates rapid catch up, evidenced through milestone and summative student assessments.

Appointment of an additional Learning Mentor with a focus on provision for students with specific identified needs 


Assessment data demonstrates that students with specific identified needs make rapid progress, evidenced through milestone and summative student assessments.

Mental Health Leads across both sites to support students


Students are supported with their mental health and anxieties following Covid.

Purchase and distribution of revision guides and resources for all Key Stage 3 & 4 students across all subjects 


Examination results in December and March demonstrate students have made rapid progress and data shows progress in line with previous years.  Resources supported students in KS3 to close the gap

Purchase of additional online educational programmes including, GCSEpod (extended subscription), Accelerated Reader for Literacy and Numeracy catch up in the hub


Students engage in online learning and assessment data demonstrates rapid catch up, evidenced through milestone and summative student assessments.

Science drop down days to support gaps in learning


Internal data shows that students benefited from these days and students results improved in science.

Drop down days for Art and PE to help students catch up on lost learning.


This enabled students to catch up and close any gaps in their learning.

Year 11 NTP tutoring for Maths and English


One to one tutoring provided for students to ensure they were exam ready

The total spend was approximately