Standards & Expectations

We ensure that high standards are upheld throughout the Academy through:


Uniform, books and around the Academy is important to us. We uphold high standards of uniform at all times. The uniform consists of a black EWS blazer, black trousers for boys and girls, white shirt and an EWS tie. All of our uniform and PE kit can be obtained on-line or through local providers.


With each other are strong at the Academy as we strive to learn and work together effectively. Professional relationships set high expectations and develop respect for each other so that every person feels valued.

Organisation skills

Are promoted in many ways at EWS. Central to this is Attendance and Punctuality and having the correct equipment everyday. Base group time begins at 8.45am and we expect students to be on campus for the first bell at 8.40am. College teams 
quickly follow up students if these become an issue.

Ultimate Goals

Develop ambition in our students, teaching them to set themselves challenging academic and personal goals, which they are motivated to achieve.

Determination and resilience

Are developed in our students through feedback and personal tutorials as they aim to do the best they can and accept failure as a part of the journey to success.