Ethos Team

About our Ethos Team

Our Ethos Team works with students and their families to support their relational, spiritual, and aspirational needs. EWS has collaborated with Grace Foundation, who work together with us from the inside out. The Youth Worker, Family Support Worker, and Ethos Leader make up our full-time onsite team, which is responsible for developing and carrying out the Ethos Programme.

Our Key themes 

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Developing Character and Values 

Our goal is to help students develop character and values by Raising Aspirations,Building Resilience, Cultivating Respect and Supporting Well-being.


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Building Healthy Relationships

Our goal is to help students Build Healthy Relationships by Growing Self-Worth, Shaping Relationships Values and Developing Relationships Skills.


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Understanding Christian Perspectives

Our goal is to hep students Understand Christian Perspective by Examining Key Beliefs, Exploring Faith Questions and Making a Difference.


Our Ethos Programme

We embed these learning outcomes into our Partner Schools by creating a bespoke Ethos programme.

Events, Education & Experiences
We deliver holistic lessons, workshops, special events and social action projects as well as facilitating the inclusive exploration of Christian festivals.

Training & Resources
We provide training for staff and resources for students that enhance personal development and improve wellbeing.

Holistic Enrichment
We develop positive enrichment opportunities that will help safely engage volunteers into a school community.

Outcomes Based Intervention
We deliver small group intervention, short term mentoring, and targeted family support to help address complex needs and remove barriers to learning.

Synergy with School Priorities
We work with staff to develop a unique Ethos Programme that has a whole school impact on the culture and curriculum.

We aim to help meet the OFSTED and school curriculum requirements for Personal Development, Behaviour & Attitudes, SMSC, British Values, RE, PSHE, RSE/HE, Citizenship, Health & Wellbeing, Cultural Capital & Safeguarding.