Elizabeth Woodville School admits girls and boys of all backgrounds, aptitudes, abilities and beliefs. The Academy does not have any religious affiliation.

EWS attracts students from almost 30 primary schools stretching from Northampton to Milton Keynes.

However, the majority of our students come from two clusters of rural primary schools, the Salcey Cluster and the Foresters Cluster.

Our partnership goes far beyond simply offering a secondary education for students in the primary schools. Staff from across the schools work closely together on a range of projects to ensure a true 0-19 experience for young people in the area. This includes staff from secondary and primary schools working closely together to develop the best curricula, teaching methods and support systems to ensure that our young people feel secure yet challenged.

For information on how to apply for a secondary school place for September 2025 please click on the link below:


To arrange an appointment to visit Elizabeth Woodville School or for any enquiry regarding admissions, for North Campus enquiries please contact Mrs Jane Karaolis on 01604 861184 or via email: For our South Campus contact Mr Daniel Peel on 01908 563468 or via email:

Please follow this link to the West Northamptonshire Council regarding applying for a secondary school place.


When parents request a place for their child at EWS, the following procedure is adopted:

  • when there is a space in that particular year group, the place will be offered;
  • when there is no space in the particular year group, parents might request that the child's name is placed on the waiting list held by West Northamptonshire Council. When a place then becomes available, the admission criteria are used to allocate that place from the waiting list;
  • when there is no space in the particular year group, parents might decide to appeal against the school's decision to not offer a place. Further details regarding appeals can be found via West Northamptonshire Council.

Admission arrangements

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