Ethos & Values

We believe that:
  • We are all different, and we all have the potential to achieve
  • We achieve more when we work together
  • We have the right to feel safe and to enjoy our learning
Because we share these beliefs, we place high value on the qualities of:
  • Ambition – setting challenging goals to work towards
  • Confidence – having belief in our potential to achieve these goals
  • Curiosity – demonstrating intellectual enquiry and asking questions
  • Leadership – influencing others to make positive changes
  • Respect – having due regard for the feelings of others and for the environment

We are committed to working with schools from the inside out to support the aspirational, relational, and spiritual needs of students and their families. We achieve this through the work of our Ethos Team. Our approach to education focusses on developing the whole person, enhancing student wellbeing, and improving OFSTED outcomes to help transform school communities.