Home Academy Agreement

We have drawn up an agreement which clearly indicates the role that everyone plays within this partnership.

We ask that the agreement is signed by all relevant parties: the student, the parent/carer and the Base Group Tutor on behalf of the Academy. This will be done when students enter the Academy in year 7 or when students join the Academy during the school year. We believe that outlining our shared commitment and expectations is an excellent foundation for an effective and supportive partnership.

EWS Academy will:

  • Encourage the full development of the talents of each individual student so that they can achieve more than they thought possible
  • Personalise the curriculum to meet individual needs and aspirations
  • Encourage each student to develop positive relationships within the Academy and the wider community
  • Provide the highest quality of teaching
  • Provide regular feedback on progress to students and parents
  • Respond quickly to concerns or issues raised by parents or students
  • Model and encourage high standards of behaviour and responsibility
  • Provide excellent communication about all aspects of Academy life
  • Provide high quality and relevant Information Advice and Guidance.

EWS Academy Students will:

  • Attend regularly and on time
  • Come prepared to learn with a positive attitude and the correct equipment
  • Follow the Dress Code
  • Follow the Code of Conduct
  • Make a positive contribution to the community within the Academy and beyond
  • Let someone in the Academy know if they are having any problems.

Parents/Carers will:

  • Ensure that their son/daughter attends the Academy regularly and on time
  • Notify the Academy on the first day of any absence
  • Ensure that their son /daughter has the correct equipment
  • Ensure that their son/daughter follows the Dress Code
  • Encourage and support their son/daughter in following the Code of Conduct
  • Take an active and supportive role in their son/daughter’s work and progress by attending all meetings and completing the annual questionnaire
  • Support the Academy’s policies and procedures
  • Alert the Academy to any concerns or problems.