Students can search for books and reserve using the Reading Cloud. All students can login to the Reading cloud using their school emails address as their username ABC as their password. Please note email addresses are case sensitive 

Library News

Accelerated Reader is being used with our fantastic new year 7’s and our Year 8’s on both sites. We
have decided to change the password for AR and all students should now be aware of this.
The school library will be open for students to access for break and lunchtimes and after school until
4pm when I am onsite. My timetable is on the doors of the library and will be made available on the
Library Classrooms.

Accelerated Reader 

Students login to AR and Home Connect (for parents) using their school email address and their D.O.B (which must include the slashes eg. dd/mm/yyyy)

Friend School - Accelerated Reader



Form Competition

This term we are having our AR Form Competition, whereby each form read and quiz to be in with
the chance to win the end of term surprise. The winning form is the form with the most words read
by the last week of term.

Champion Quizzer

Each time a student quizzes a book they have recently read and gets 85% or higher pass rate their
name goes into the Champion Quizzer Competition. One lucky student from each site and year
group will be selected at random to win a prize at the end of each term.

The more you read and quiz the more chances you have to win.

Who will win? ………………Come back at the end of the term to find out.