Ethos & Expectations

As a Sixth Form student at EWS you are expected to work hard and take part in the enrichment and extra-curricular activities available to you.

Staff and students in the Sixth Form are encouraged to create an atmosphere based on mutual respect between teacher and students that is conducive to high quality teaching and learning.

As a Sixth Form student you will have more freedom and some private study time that needs to be used wisely and to your advantage. In order to encourage you to make the expected progress, there are a number of expectations that we have of our Sixth Form students.


We work hard to promote and sustain good attendance.

First day of absence
Parents should contact the school on the first day of absence, giving a reason for the absence and expected date of return. The telephone number for reporting absence is 01604 864042 – North Campus or 01908 563468 – South Campus. Alternatively, contact can be made via email:

What does ‘good’ attendance mean?
95% to 100% attendance – when a student arrives on time and attends every lesson

What does ‘unsatisfactory’ attendance mean?

  • Attending 90% of the time or less. This will have a serious effect on learning.
  • One day’s absence every two weeks will give 90% attendance.
  • Continual lateness to registration and lessons.


It is important that students are on time for school as lateness causes disruption to lessons. Students should be on the school site ready for registration at 8.45am. It is vital that any student who is late or had a medical appointment signs in at Student Services. A letter of explanation or an appointment card is needed when lateness or absence is due to medical appointments. All know lateness should be reported to school with the expected time of arrival.

Holidays during term time
Parents/Carers are strongly urged not to take holidays during term time. We would like to remind you that we will not automatically authorise requests for absence. There are 175 days a year in which holidays should be taken. Continuity in learning through regular attendance is a key factor in a student’s achievement. We know many parents are supportive of school through avoiding organising holidays for their children during term time. We are grateful for this.


Dress Code

Sixth Form Dress Code

The Sixth Form dress code is ‘office smart’

  • Smart, formal trousers or a skirt of a modest length
  • No jeans, tracksuit bottoms, etc
  • Skirts should be no more than a couple of inches above the knee

  • A smart top e.g. shirt or blouse
  • Not sleeveless, strapless, ‘strappy’ or low cut. 
  • Shoulders and midriffs should be covered
  • T-Shirts are not permitted

  • Smart shoes
  • No trainers, canvas shoes or huge heels

Clothes need to be worn smartly

Earrings are acceptable as long as they are fairly discrete

Jewellery in moderation, remember, the aim is still to look smart. No facial piercings

Sixth Form ID badges should be worn at all times.

It will not be acceptable to wear clothes that are not ‘office smart’. For example:

  • Clothing with large logos or branding
  • T-shirts
  • Mini-skirts
  • Jeans
  • Canvas shoes