Cucina Restaurant

What children eat is an important part of their learning experience; health and progress stem from their eating habits.

We believe that we have a responsibility to assist with the education process through the provision of healthy, wholesome and enjoyable foods. Our catering is provided by Cucina.

Introducing Cucina

Cucina are an entirely food-led business. That may sound obvious from a caterer, but we’re not a typical education caterer; food is in our DNA, meaning we have the skills to make all of our food on site and from scratch every single day. Cucina menus are full of goodness and nutrition as we love educating students that healthy food is delicious. By creating a wide variety of tasty dishes that students love to eat, we help make break and meal times that little bit more special. In teaching them nutrition doesn’t come at the sacrifice of flavour, it embeds an ethos around food that sets positive foundations for life and a love of all things food.

Please take a look at the files below for further information regarding our current choices.

Operating safely

John Hamill, Impact Food Group CEO, explaining all the procedures and processes we've put in place to welcome you back to our restaurants safely.