Parents/ Carers guide to Go4Schools

What is Go4schools?

Go4schools is an online school data system which gives parents and students access to:

  • Timetable – Your child’s daily and weekly timetable
  • Attendance – Shown from the start of the academic year
  • Behaviour – Your child’s daily behaviour points (rewards and sanctions)
  • Homework – The homework your child has been set and when it is due to be handed in
  • Progress – A detailed look at your child’s progress in each subject area
  • Reports – Your child’s most recent school report


How to access Go4schools

In order to log onto Go4schools you need to visit and click on the ‘Parents’ icon in the top right hand side.
Alternatively a link to Go4Schools can be found on our schools website at

Enter your email address in the First-time User? section. This address must be the one we have on file for you. If you have changed or need to provide us with an email address please contact

Once you have received your password from Go4schools you can login. Remember to change your password once logged in. Do this by going to ‘My Settings’

If you have more than one child at EWS you can choose which to view on the next screen.

If you forget your password use the Forgotten your Password? section. This will email the address registered a new password