The Baker Clause

The Baker Clause stipulates that schools must allow colleges and training providers access to every student in years 8- 13 to discuss non-academic routes that are available to them.  Below is the EWS policy outlining how the school will achieve this.

EWS will allow colleges and training providers access to all students, as applicable, in years 8 – 13.

The ways in which colleges and training providers will be granted access include:

Procedural requirements in relation to requests for access;
Please contact either the Headteacher on or Mrs Griffin, Assistant Headteacher on with your requirements and details of any resources you would like the school to supply. 

We may accommodate colleges and training providers in any of the following ways: assemblies, engagement events, 1:1 introduction for students and their parents.  When contacting the school please allow a minimum of 6 weeks lead time for us to make any necessary adaptations to our students’ school day.

Grounds for granting and refusing requests for access;
The Headteacher may – at his or her discretion – refuse a request if it would be likely to be detrimental to the safety or wellbeing of children or staff, or if granting the request would be likely to bring the academy or the Trust into disrepute.

Details of premises or facilities to be provided to a person who is given access:

  • A large room within the school (for example, the hall or gym); 
  • Audio-visual equipment, including a laptop and suitable projector;
  • Pens, paper and pencils as required;
  • At least one member of academy staff.