September 2024

Students at EWS choose three or four Level 3 subjects to study in the Sixth Form

About Level 3 Study

Level 3 is the next step after GCSE and includes A Levels and Level 3 Vocational Qualifications. Entry to Level 3 courses requires a minimum of 5 Passes at GCSE, some of our courses require a higher grade, more information below.

Most Level 3 students aim for a place in higher education (university) or higher level apprenticeships, but Level 3 qualifications are also suitable for a direct entry into many areas of employment.

Level 3 study develops and tests knowledge and understanding of particular subject through examinations and, on many vocational programmes through coursework, as well as developing analytical and critical abilities.

Types of Level 3 Courses

There are different types of courses to choose from at EWS; A Levels, vocational courses, or a mixture of both.

A Levels
These are Level 3 academic qualifications. A Levels are courses where the final marks will be awarded with exams (and occasionally coursework) at the end of Year 13.

You will choose three (or occasionally four) single subjects at the beginning of Year 12.

Vocational courses
These are Level 3 vocational qualifications. They usually contain a higher degree of coursework and an external examination component.

You can enter university with these qualifications and most universities are very happy to accept them.

They are ideal preparation for practical degree courses, for example: sports science, business management, IT Systems or nursing.