Our courses and option blocks

Option Blocks

Students usually select 3 choices from the following option blocks, although some students may choose to study 4 subjects.

The options should each be chosen from a different option block.

Please note that the option block structure is provisional. We reserve the right to amend our course offer at any time.

Full course descriptions for each subject can be found on the links below.


Entry requirements

The entry requirement for EWS Sixth Form is 5 passes (Grade 4, Level 2 Pass or equivalent) or above. Please note that some courses have an additional entry criteria, as listed below.

Additional entry criteria

Full course requirements can be found on the links below. A summary is provided here:

  Entry requirements
Applied Business No additional entry requirement
Biology Grade 6 in Biology, (6/6 in Science)
Chemistry Grade 7 in Chemistry, Combined Science 7/7
Drama & Theatre Studies Grade 4 GCSE in English and Grade 5 GCSE in Drama (students who have not studied GCSE Drama will be considered provided they show a genuine interest in the subject area)
English Literature Grade 6 in English Literature
Environmental Science Science Grade 5, Maths 5
Fine Art Grade 6 in Art
French Grade 6 in French
Geography Grade 5 in Geography plus Grade 5 in Maths and Science
Health & Social Care No additional entry requirement
History Grade 5 in History or a Grade 5 in English if History not previously taken
Maths Grade 7 in Maths
Music Grade 6 or above, or ability to play a musical instrument up to Grade 5
PE Grade 4/ L2 Pass preferred in PE preferred
Philosophy & Ethics You must have a grade 5 in English at GCSE.
You do not have to have studied Religious Studies or Philosophy at GCSE. If you have previously studied RS you need a grade 5 at GCSE, otherwise a 5 in English can stand in if you have not studied the subject before.
Physics Grade 7 in Physics, Combined Science 7/7 and Grade 7 in Mathematics
Product Design Grade 5 in DT
Psychology Grade 5 in English and Maths
Spanish Grade 6 in Spanish
Sociology Grade 5 in English

Please note that these entry requirements may be subject to adjustment.

Additional subjects

GCSE English and Mathematics

It is a national requirement that any student without a grade 4 in GCSE in Mathematics or English will have to continue to study these subjects as part of their programme of study until they have achieved the qualification. This may mean your choice of courses will be affected due to this requirement.

Extended Project Qualification

EPQ is an additional qualification which allows each student to embark on a largely self-directed and self motivated project to either compliment or supplement their existing subjects. EPQ is favoured by universities as part of their entrance criteria.


Subject Information