Ofsted (January 2019) acknowledged the effectiveness of leadership and management as Good at Elizabeth Woodville School.

It commented on the determined action taken to improve teaching and subject leadership. In English student attainment and progress was noted as being above national average and students commented on how much they enjoyed the learning in this subject. Pastoral care was found to be a strength of the school with incidents of bullying being low – students said they were confident that staff will deal with bullying effectively should it occur. Parents who responded to the Ofsted survey also agreed, saying they valued the care and support provided by the school.

The leadership team was noted as being ambitious and committed to securing rapid improvement, with Ofsted recognising the unwavering determination of the head teacher. The report shows that the school is moving in the right direction with the quality of teaching improving in the school. It was noted that teachers at the school have received greater support and direction since the school joined Tove Learning Trust; they are committed to providing the quality of education that pupils deserve.

Commenting on the improvements the leadership team has made over the past year, Mrs Matharu said:

“I am pleased with the report as it recognises the work we are undertaking to make improvements at our school. Staff are on board with the changes and increased rigour. I’m happy that Ofsted have acknowledged that ‘there is a sense of optimism about the future of the school … staff morale has been strengthened and is positive’. Overall, we still have work to do, but I am confident that the school will improve in all areas rapidly.”

“The actions we have taken have made a positive impact on the quality of teaching and learning at the school and students are on the right track to making the required level of progress with improved outcomes being predicted this coming year.”

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