Additional Option - EPQ

The Extended Project Qualification is an optional curriculum extra for students. The subject enables you to gain a qualification whilst spending time on something you are passionate about.

You can tailor what you study to extend your A-levels and personalise your further education/career goals (it is worth half the UCAS points of a full A Level). There is variety of formats in which you can present the work you complete: a dissertation, an investigation/field study, a performance or an artefact. You could study medical ethics if you want to go into the medical profession, human rights as you want to study law or perhaps clothes design because you want to work in the world of fashion.

The choice is limitless. It also enables you to develop and improve your ability to be a critical, reflective and independent learner; learning how to analyse, synthesis, evaluate and present your work to a high level. This can only support your progress in other subjects and looks fantastic in personal statements and job applications.