Mental Health First Aid

At EWS we are passionate about the mental health of our students and staff.  To help support Team EWS, we have established a Mental Health team on our North and South campuses.

North Campus

Designated Mental Health Lead: Miss Kelly Mitchell

Mental Health First Aider: Mrs Pauline Hardingham

South Campus

Designated Mental Health Lead: Mrs Charlotte Low

Mental Health First Aider: Miss Roxy Flynn

The purpose of the Mental Health team is to promote good mental health and emotional wellbeing as well as striving to achieve a culture of talking about how we feel and remove the stigma surrounding mental health.  We are developing a whole school approach as well as teaching our students about mental health and wellbeing through a programme of PSHE. 

The team are not trained medical professionals but we will seek to help and support students by identifying emerging mental health needs as well as making referrals to specialist mental health services.

There are also some fantastic free services that you can connect with outside of school hours such as: