Year 13 Study Leave


Dear Year 13 Students and Parents / Carers of Year 13 Students,

Study leave for Year 13 students

With the exam season almost upon us, from Monday 16th May we would like to offer Year 13 students the opportunity to work from home during their non timetabled lessons (Free periods) if they wish to do so.

Please note that students must continue to attend timetabled lessons until all examinations have been completed in the particular subject or in the case of vocational subjects until they have been signed off by their subject teacher.

The school facilities will be available to students for private study should they wish to come into school do so. Cross site transport will continue to run as usual.

Students will not need to attend morning registration, as students arrive to school, they must sign in at student services and out again as they leave, to ensure that we have an accurate record of who is on each site.

Throughout the revision and examination period correct Sixth Form dress code must be worn at all times and students will need to be correctly equipped for all sessions and examinations.

Students have been issued with a final draft of the summer exam timetable, an overview is also available on:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Gavin Martin

Head of Sixth Form