Course Content: OCR Cambridge National in Sport

The course is designed to build on experiences in KS3 through a broad and balanced curriculum. You will have both theoretical and practical lessons, focusing on a range of components to develop your knowledge, understanding and skills. The practical components are designed to enhance the learning of the theory elements of the course and to support training plans. You will plan, undertake and evaluate your own personal exercise plan as well as analyse your own and others’ performance in order to strive for higher goals. The course is 75% coursework and 25% written external examination. Each unit covers four learning objectives in either coursework or examination preparation format. Our OCR students are also encouraged to take part in sports leadership opportunities throughout the course.

Theory Units

RO41: Reducing the Risk of Sports Injuries. – (Examined Unit) This Unit develops knowledge and under- standing in the prevention, response and treatment of sports injuries.

RO42: Applying Principles of training – (Coursework Unit) students develop their skills in fitness testing and training. They are expected to undertake a range of fitness tests, analyse the results and plan and evaluate a 6 week personal exercise programme.

RO43: The body’s response to physical activity – (Coursework unit) Students study the muscular – skeletal and cardio – respiratory units, their functions, roles and short and long term effects of exercise on these systems.

RO46: Technology in Sport – (Coursework unit). Stu- dents study the range of technology available in sport and the positive a negative effects of these. They have to evaluate the overall impact technology has in a range of sports

How is this course assessed?

  • 25% External examination – End of year 1 hour written paper marked out of 60 marks.
  • 75% Coursework – 3 additional units are covered during the course; each unit is marked out of 60 marks. The coursework is assessed in the centre and moderated externally.

Contact information

South Campus, Mr Inchley

North Campus, Miss Cotter

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