Philosophy, Relgion & Ethics

Course Content

This course is in two parts – component 1 and component 2. Component 1 focuses on religious beliefs and practices in Christianity and Islam. Component 2 is about philosophical and ethical issues, for example ‘does God exist’ and ‘is it right to fight in a war?’ Here are some more examples of what you will learn:

The Problem of Evil and Suffering

This topic asks questions such as ‘Where does evil come from?’ and ‘If God loves everyone why does he allow evil to happen?’ It also explores how different religions respond to the problem of evil as well as how they respond to those who are suffering.

Crime and Punishment

This topic asks whether people should be forgiven no matter what as well as whether capital punishment (the death penalty) is an appropriate punishment for offenders. Is it right to take someone’s life if they have committed a crime?


How did everything start? Was it the Big Bang or did God create the universe? How can we know? What about evolution?

Beliefs, teachings and practices

You will investigate what two world religions (Christianity and one other) believe and how they put their faith into practice. For example, why and how do Jews eat special foods? What do Christians really believe about Jesus Christ?

All of the topics give you an opportunity to say what you think and engage in debate. The course will also give you an insight into the different attitudes of believers and non-believers.

How is this course assessed?

The course is assessed through two external examinations each of 1 hour 45 mins. There are a variety of questions – some short, some longer. Both ex- aminations will be taken at the end of Year 11.

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Mr Hart