Modern Foreign Languages

Course Content

There are three themes to be covered in the course:

Theme 1: Identity and culture; family, technol- ogy, free time

Theme 2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest: home, social issues, environment, travel

Theme 3: Current and future study and employ- ment: school, work

The exam is in 4 parts:

  • Unit 1: Listening 25%
  • Unit 2: Speaking 25%
  • Unit 3: Reading 25%
  • Unit 4: Writing 25%

All exams are taken at the end of the two year course.


With a good pass, you can progress onto A Level courses. This course involves a variety of learning skills and leads to the acquisition of important life skills and a greater ability to understand and com- municate at all levels. People who have studied a Modern Foreign Language demonstrate enhanced mental agility, creativity and higher order thinking skills. A language GCSE is a significant indicator of ability. In an ever changing world a second language can be vital. Universities and Businesses are increas- ingly looking for students who can communicate across the globe and your language qualification will demonstrate that you have an aptitude in this field.

Will this course suit me?

Whilst you will be fully supported, the course will require a great deal of independent learning and will suit students who are confident, enjoy manipulating language, enjoy problem solving and finding alternative ways to express themselves, are creative and open to new experiences and cultures. You will do well if you have perseverance, if you can think logically and can see and apply patterns. These skills will be further developed during the course thus equipping you for your future whichever direction you choose to pursue.

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