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This course gives learners the opportunity to develop a range of IT, digital and media skills in a practical learning environment. In year 9 learners will learn the skills needed for an iMedia qualification once accreditation has been given. Generally, the focus of the course focuses on several main areas that focus around the system life cycle. This incorporates the following:

  • Feasibility and analysis – learners are given a client brief within a set project. They need to apply feasibility considerations to what the client wants before analysing these requirements in more depth.
  • Design – learners use the results of their analysis to inform the design process needed to create the project outcomes, which could be a website, digital graphic, game, etc. Learners have an opportunity to use a range of design tools including mind maps,
    mood boards, scripts, storyboards, page plans, etc.
  • Implementation – learners use the designs/plans they have made to create the project. They will have an opportunity to use a range of software and tools when creating their project which could include graphic software, web design software, comic software, etc.
  • Evaluation – learners will evaluate their final projects against the client brief requirements usually in a report format.

The qualification will build on and use knowledge and skills learnt at in year 9 where a focus is aimed more at the basic skills and knowledge are taught in preparation for the Creative iMedia qualification. Additionally, as the qualification fits within a vocation context learners will be able to draw on the written skills they learn in English and design skills they may have learnt in Art and DT KS3 programs of study.

How is this course assessed?

The course is assessed by completion of two coursework units. R094 is a mandatory coursework unit worth 25% of the overall qualification. This unit is called visual identity and digital graphics. The next unit is an optional one which is worth 35%. There are a choice of 5 units which will be decided at a future date. Finally, the final unit is exam based and is worth 40% of the overall qualification. This unit is called Creative iMedia in the media industry. This unit is sat in year 11 with the coursework units taking place in year 10.


A level 2 Pass in the Creative iMedia qualification will support progression on to the Cambridge Technical Level 3 in IT

You need a real interest in all things digital and not just an interest in playing games. If you like being creative, have a good eye for design, have lots of patience, problem solving, can work independently and have a can-do attitude then this is a good course to choose.

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