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The world is always changing. Geography gives you the chance to learn about changes that have happened and look to the future to consider changes that may happen.

During the course you will study the Geography of your local area and the UK including rivers and coasts, life in cities and rural areas and our use of resources now and into the future. The course also looks at global issues such as levels of development, climate change and how people live with and respond to natural events such as earthquakes, volcanoes and extreme weather.

You will learn new geographical skills such as cartography (map making), as well as graphical, numerical and statistical techniques. You will learn how to create these, to interpret what they can tell us and then use them to draw conclusions and inform decisions.

As part of the course you will have to carry out field work in two different environments

How is this course assessed?

There are three exams papers that will assess your knowledge and understanding, geographical skills and your own experience of fieldwork.


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