Welcome to KS4 which is made up of students in Years 9, 10 and 11.

KS4 is for students in years 9, 10 and 11, the GCSE years. Hard work, commitment and dedication in lessons and when completing homework is essential. Equally important is the development of our students into young adults ready to face the challenges of a continuously changing world.

We have good support systems in place for students, beginning with a dedicated team of Form Tutors. Students are well prepared for their GCSEs and future destinations with advice and guidance provided throughout the Academic Year.

Some GCSE courses have a controlled assessment element and focus is placed on all students having provision to achieve their best. After school revision sessions for both Years 10 and Year 11 are offered throughout the year so that students can prepare properly for both internal and external examinations.

Our team is comprised of:


Mrs Claire Wright – Lead SENCo and Inclusion Officer

Mrs Pauline Hardingham,  Pastoral & Inclusion Support Officer/DofE Mgr

Mrs Jackie Osborn – Student Services Administrator

Year 9 Form Tutors                                                                                            Head of Y9 – Mrs Rebecca Griffin

Mrs Irina Mitchell – 9IML

Mrs Lisa Storey – 9LSY

Mrs Andrew Stiff – 9ASF

Mr Alek Sopisz- 9ASZ

Year 10 Form Tutors                                                                                           Head of Y10 – Miss Kelly Mitchell

Miss Jen Down / Mrs Ranbir Khaira – 10JDN

Miss Sue Christopher – 10SCR

Mr Ciaran Rodway – 10CRY

Mrs Gian Roberts – 10GRS

Year 11 Form Tutors                                                                                          Head of Y11 – Mrs Heather Weller

Miss Claire Kimber / Mrs Shaz Robson – 11CKR

Mr Sanjeev Lehill – 11SLL

Mr Ian Sanderson – 11ISN



Mrs Alison Cole-Pendrey – Lead SENCO and Inclusion Officer

Miss Kelly Harry – Pastoral and Inclusion Support Officer

Year 9 Form Tutors                                                                                            Head of Y9 – Mrs Charlotte Low

Mrs Emma Medler – 9EMR

Mrs Lisa Hyland – 9LHD

Miss Alice Ballard – 9ABD

Mr Michael Pearce – 9MPE

Year 10 Form Tutors                                                                                            Head of Y10 – Miss Emma Sullivan

Mrs Katie Reed – 10KRD

Mr Matthew Perris – 10MPS

Mrs Adele Parry – 10APY

Year 11 Form Tutors                                                                                          Head of Y11 – Mrs Nital Shah 

Mr Nigel Jones – 11NJS

Mr Rob Peskett – 11RPT

Mr Kieran Hart – 11KHT

Miss Juliet Summerton – 11JSN

KS4 offers students opportunities to be involved in extra-curricular activities, ranging from sports teams to fund raising for local and global initiatives. Students are regularly rewarded for their hard work, contribution to school life and excellent attendance through our rewards points system, in assemblies and at the end of Year 11 with an invitation to the Year 11 Prom.

Please feel free to contact us for any information you require or any questions you have.

Our email format is First Name.Surname@ewsacademy.org.uk