Welcome to our KS3 which is made up of students in Years 7 ,8 and 9.

This is where your child will grow from their first steps in secondary education into a confident young adult ready to start their GCSE courses in year 10.


North Campus

Mrs Claire Wright - SENDCo

Miss Heidi Goodridge – Pastoral & Inclusion Support Officer

Mrs Annie Whitehead –  Student Services Administrator


Year 7
Head of Year 7- Charlotte Gordon
7ISN  Ian Sanderson 
7SLL  Sanjeev Lehil
7CDY  Charlotte Dougherty
7HWR  Heather Weller 
Year 8
Head of Year 8- Sarah Carter
8MMY  Miranda McGarry
8SBN  Sylviane Breen & Catherine Mantle
8CWT  Claire Wright 
8JRZ  Jacinta Rodrigeuz 
Year 9
Head of Year 9- Reuben Freeman
9KFR  Katy Foster
9ROU  Robert Owusu
9FLS  Fran Landers 
9TCR  Tracey Cotter 


South Campus

Miss Kelly Harry – Deputy DSL & Inclusion Coordinator

Mrs Gemma Devereaux - Pastoral and Inclusion Support Officer

Mrs Kerry Wallace –  Student Services Administrator


Year 7
Head of Year 7- Phil Couzens
7ESN  Emma Sullivan 
7CJS  Chloe James
7ABL Amy Blackwell


Year 8
Head of Year 8- Laura Turner
8TIY  Tom Inchley 
8HCR  Heather Carr 
8UHA  Umber Hina 
8SRO  Salome Rebeiro


Year 9
Head of Year 9- Tom Martin
9ARO  Adie Rubino 
9FLT  Flavie Lemert 
9CMN  Chris Mann
9SBU  Suja Biju 



KS3 also offers students opportunities to be involved in extra-curricular activities, ranging from sports teams to fund raising for local and global initiatives. Students are regularly rewarded for their hard work, contribution to school life and excellent attendance through our rewards points system and in assemblies

Our email format is First Name.Surname@ewsacademy.org.uk

Please feel free to contact us for any information you require.